JFB Reading Centre is an educational blog site used to capture some of the activities of JFB Literacy foundation,a literacy consult working to support homes,child care centers and classrooms.We run a child centered mentor program for teachers ,parents and pupils.It is designed to meet the language needs of young children(3-11)years,providing them with literacy rich experiences in a literacy rich environment.This will foster long suffering for books and a life long reading culture.

OUR MISSION :To create and develop literacy-rich homes and classrooms capable of evoking self motivation in children to succeed in reading and writing.

OUR VISION:To become a literacy hub capable of raising literacy levels around Africa.


  • Parents and teachers are partners in children's care and education.
  • Books are very  most important tools.''A home/school without a library is like a body without a soul.''
  • Those who can, but do not read are worse off than those who cannot read.
  • Illiteracy has a direct relationship with poverty.
  • According to British sociologist Peter Townsend poverty is relative not absolute;one is poor if they cannot afford to participate fully in the society of which they are part. 


We are looking for the best ways to promote rational strategies for literacy development.

We are presently teaching reading strategies and creative writing in schools across Nigeria to support the efforts of many to combat low literacy rates within the nation.

We are conducting awareness programs across the schools to promote a reading culture using book clubs,book fairs,mobile library and other literary events.

We are promoting cultural literacy in schools for the formation of  confident and civic minded adults.

We work as lead partners with teachers in nursery and primary schools to support reflection about students,content and processes outcome.Through this partnership teachers make better decisions and children learn more.