A case of the fast changing kid.

A case of the fast changing kid.

Camilla Cream tried out 42 different outfits on the first day of school because she wanted to impress a lot of people in school.She loved Lima beans but did not have the courage to admit it.

When she looked herself up in the mirror she screamed,”am completely covered with stripes like the rainbow”. When her mother decided to keep her home,she was relieved.Soon the doctor had her checked out and advised she can go back to school since she was not ill.

The next day she was in school,during the pledge of allegiance she turned all  blue and red and broke out in stars.The other children had fun teasing Camilla and she was fast changing to different shapes and colors as announced.She had to stay home as demanded by her principal.

Camilla changed from a block of pills,to squiggly fungus,bacteria and virus.She grew roots,leaves and later turned  to her room.Her parents freaked out and were confused.Who will save this kid?What will solve her problem?

I love the message,you can easily get into trouble when you worry too much about what people will  think about you.

A good read for primary school kids though can be scary for some of them,but perfect for teaching about ”yourself”.


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