Reading Motivation for Children




There are two sides to reading,reading skills and reading motivation.The later has been proved by many literacy experts to be highly neglected.

As such, the will to read is not as strong as the reading skill.

To promote reading motivation is to create a reader and some strategies can be very helpful.



Reading motivation should start from the home with story times,and home libraries should not be optional.

Schools should engage children with book events like book fairs,reading competitions,

debates,field trips to libraries and book stores.

Teach reading strategies,run book clubs and peer conferences.

Encourage children to read series stories and run reading workshops.

 Two Types of Motivation

INTRINSIC MOTIVATION is an inner drive to engage in an activity for its own sake because it is interesting and satisfying in itself.To foster intrinsic motivation you can try the following.

  • Encourage children with wordless,written,belated and confidential praise.
  • Acknowledge improvement
  • Cooperative learning
  • Ask questions,let children think always
  • Celebrate award winner not the award
  • Make learning fun and give sense of responsibility


Extrinsic motivation is the drive to engage in an activity because of a reward or punishment for not engaging


  • Research illustrates that it is not only children’s cognitive skills example decoding skills that are important for reading attainment, motivation to read is equally important(An Markrud & Braten 2009)Logan et al;2011;Medford & McGeown,2011;Taboada et al,2009.
  • Research found out in the elementary grades pupils who are both dedicated and interested achieve far higher and read more proficiently than those who do not have both of these motivations working for them(Guthrie Coddington & Wigfield,2009).
  • Research says motivation may be stimulated by home and can be influenced by peers, but the teacher is the main actor influencing a pupils development of reading motivation.
Motivation is what gets you started,interest,dedication and confidence and habit keeps you reading.



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