Holiday Spice:Best Times to Engage our Kids

The holiday is here again as always,please do well to  slow down your activities to pay attention to the children in your life.Kindly remember that Children who lack attention from their parents run the risk of low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem makes children vulnerable to vices.Make it a point of duty to spice up your child’s experience especially this holiday and always.Below are a few of those times you can grab to spend quality time with them.


As you take a ride around with  them,avoid blaring your radio or playing cd and embrace this opportunity to discuss.Ask them personal questions to spark discussions of new interest,personal experiences and any others.


Embrace a new bedtime ritual. Read a book or story especially from the bible.Read to them ,discuss and pray together before they drift off to sleep.



Out of the daily three meal times,choose at least one to share.If you usually come home late,then breakfast is a good time.However, if you are an early riser,then you must come home early enough to join in their dinner.They will be happy to share how their day went and will be happy to know you care.

The holiday is a good time to  engage your children with some extra-curricular activities.Research has it that extra-curricular activities are paramount for a child’s emotional,psychological and social development.


Peer group clubs like Book Club,Dance(ballet) and drama.

Musical instruments and computer.

Chess,reading puzzles,games,videos and audios.Online encyclopaedia.Age appropriate chores.

Above all show interest in your child’s school work,parents who do, help their children to succeed and stand out among their peers.Create a lifetime bond with your lovelies,use your time well.



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