Last summer was very exciting as we took twenty Nigerian school children and five adults on a culture discovery tour of three East African nations.

August 14th 2017 on board Ethiopian airlines, we left Lagos for Addis Ababa.The flight lasted for 6 hours and when we got off,we experienced a weather shock.This country was much colder than Nigeria at the time.Within an hour we got through the airport protocols and headed to Heyday Hotel,where we would be staying for the next four days.

Addis Ababa turned out to be characterized with both traditional and modern architecture,cuisine and culture.The never colonized African nation as at the scramble for Africa is a treasure to explore with lots of cultural and ancient sites.


Yod Abyssinia gave a unique experience of the Ethiopian cuisine with their popular Njera.Lots of dances and culture activities.We were at the Ethiopian airline factory,highly motivational site as the children had a first hand experience of being a pilot.

We visited the National museum of Ethiopia, home of Ethiopian history and culture.We had a city tour of Addis Ababba to the entertaining story of the Abyssinian Queen Shebba and Jerusalem King David.

At Kenya the safari capital of Africa and smartest city in Africa,we visited a number of destinations.On the first day we visited the Nigerian high commision on Lenana road Nairobi and met with the High Commissioner Ichie Vincent who welcomed us with both hands and reassured us of every support while in Kenya.

At The Nigerian High Commission in Kenya

The children learnt about the difference in embassy and high commission as embassies are diplomatic missions sent to non-Commonwealth countries, while High Commissions are diplomatic missions sent to Commonwealth countries. The “head of mission” at the former are called Ambassadors; at the latter, they are called High Commissioners.

We realized Kenya is one of 18  African and 52 commonwealth nations as well as Nigeria globally.However,Ethiopia is not one of the commonwealth nations.

We were at the Giraffe centre in Langatta Nairobi,here the children had a seminar on conservation,a case study of the Rothchild giraffe.A visit to Paradise Lost at Kiambu town kenya led us into the adventure of the age-long cave of the Mau -Mau warriors.

This site was highly educational and exciting with  natures picnic points by the river and several rides from boat to camel.Rich vegetation with lots of birds.We also experienced Kenya history at the Nairobi National Museum and snake park.

At the time of our trip,Kenya was having its elections and that affected some of our sites like the Boma of Kenya and National park.We missed the safari in Kenya but Uganda made up as we had a full safari experience at the Uganda wildlife Education Park.The Africas big five were on ground to welcome us to the pearl of Africa.

At Giraffe centre Kenya

We had a school exchange with the prestigious St Lawrence Academy.It was an exhilarating experience for our children as  we held exchange activities like football,dance and speeches.We exchanged our national symbol items like currency,flag among others.we visited the national museum of Uganda,a pure encyclopaedia of the life and history of Uganda.We experienced the village of the different kingdoms of Uganda.

We had our send off dinner at the Ugandan Carnivore restaurant where we experienced cultural meals and  dances of the Uganda kingdoms.The children participated as they learned new dance steps.

The adventure and discoveries were highly motivational and educating for all.We cant wait to have a repeat of this as we get ready for Nairobi-Mombasa-Arusha 2018.

Uganda National Museum


















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